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Get help from experienced tax attorneys to fix all IRS and state tax issues.

When it comes to tax issues, every second counts. Discover how our tax solutions can seamlessly take care of and resolve any tax problems quickly and effectively.

Regardless of the complexity of your tax problem, Leon Nazarian Attorney-At-Law is the leading solution in Santa Monica to help you,

  • Resolve any IRS tax issues.
  • Prepare taxes on your behalf and review tax accounts
  • Resolves US Tax Returns with Foreign Issues.
  • With any tax defense (both civil and criminal), Tax refund litigation

    And so much more.

    This is your opportunity to protect both your Legal and Appeal right. Leon Nazarian Attorney-At-Law is a group of the best tax layers in Santa Monica, looking to go above and beyond to deal with the IRS, so you do not have to.

    Welcome to Leon Nazarian Attorney-At-Law. We are on a mission to make filling US income tax seamless and as effortless as possible. Filing your tax return and realizing that you have made a mistake is a more common issue than you think. However, you have nothing to worry about with the best team of tax attorneys in Santa Monica at your arsenal.

    We help you amend mistakenly filed tax returns and make the correction on your behalf. From figuring out the deduction you have overlooked or filing the income you might have missed putting in, we offer every solution to keep you away from any trouble with the IRS.

Why do you need a professional tax lawyer in Santa Monica?

Handling tax returns and dealing with tax refund claims can be tricky without having the right legal help by your side. At Leon Nazarian Attorney-At-Law, we make sure regardless of what reason you got a notice from IRS to provide more info; all your rights are protected as a taxpayer.

Moreover, we help individuals who need to resolve tax problems with the IRS, whether it is related to Tax Relief in Bankruptcy or Tax refund claims. Our team of expert lawyers has years of experience under their belt, offering the best legal assistance for numerous satisfied clients.

If you are living abroad or is a foreign person in the US, we also provide help with any foreign tax issues and save the trouble of getting fined by the IRS.

With the help of our professional legal assistance, you will realize that life is for living, not worrying about your taxes. So let us take off all your legal tax issues and take the weight off your shoulder.

Get in touch with us today and get legal help on Tax refunds, Tax Defense, Tax Returns Preparation, Tax Audits by IRS, and much more.